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Throughout time there have always been people who used their direct personal experience to gain knowledge. Among those people there were those who could observe the Universe in its totality. Imagine the expansive quality of perception of these Seers, that they could observe the Universe in its totality. And in that awareness or perception, they could see vibrations, motion, and energy patterns within the silence of the Universe. Not only could they observe the totality of the Universe, and the fact that the Universe contained vibration, but they could also perceive that there are different vibrations. And in their research on the vibrations of the Universe they were able to distinguish 2,684 different vibrations. Within these 2,684 vibrations, they were able to find commonality and group the vibrations first into 386 qualities, then into 68 groups, and then 16 qualities. They were also able to find the commonality between all of these vibrations and the elements of fire, earth, water and air that are found on earth. This is the basis for the Orixás tradition. Click here for more information: